Merry Xmas K-pop!!

This year has been marked as the year that has become a changing one, where the many of my k-pop fantasies have come to life! It has changed my world and enhanced it literally! So it is only right that i dedicate my return to the social networking-sphere ( After a whole year) to my top 29 single k-pop records of this year. Let me know if you see some of your favs, and tag me in your list as well with the tag #RailovesKpop !!

Starting off my list is no other than Mr.Incredible aka Mr.Leader of one of the baddest kpop band Big Bang this guy Mr.G.Dragon with this record “That XXX” off of the mini album "One of a Kind" released earlier this year. image

Next up is from my girls F(x), i wish they had been a tad more active considering they had a top album this year with Pink Tape but "Rum Pum Pum" was an incredible record and still hits when i hear it. They all looked great and sounded amazing. #TeamAmber


This next banger comes from the boys of Shinee with “Dream Girl”, who released a string of hits this year and 4 projects! This record was by far one of my favorite if there ever was one. This year the boys of Shinee ditched their boyish looks for a more mature look and sound and was taken to heart by many of us fan girls, ( and fan boys, i didnt forget about you) Taemin was Tae-Man this year!image

Now when talking about boy bands who took over 2013 you cant forget the non-stopping machines of Exo! ( I know all my Exotics just flipped) Releasing “Wolf” as a first single from their highly anticipated album “Xoxo" they quickly released their chart topping song "Growl" thereafter to a raving response and two drama mv’s to boot, claiming top spots on just about everything. Great year for the Exo boys! I enjoyed every moment of Lay this year :-)image

Next up is an incredible single that came just in time for the holidays from the lovely YG ladies of 2ne1 with “Missing You”. An incredible mid-tempo type ballad that i dont know about you but i highly enjoyed this new sound from these ladies, not to mention they looked every bit of flawless! They also came out with the hot records “Falling In Love” and “Do you Love Me” earlier this year as well. Its always a joy to see this four hot mamas!image

Moving on to a more party mood here come the bad boys of M.I.B with “Dash”. I love this record and the video concept, just such a good feel from these guys, you can tell they are really working on their image and i personally enjoyed them especially (Young Cream lol). They have also brought their musical year to a close with a new song “Worry about yourself First" featuring the beautiful Bomi from Apink. Love these smooth sounds from these guys.image

Speaking of Bomi, we must roll into the lovely ladies of Apink, and how they pretty much wrecked havoc on the music industry with their playful hit “No No No”. I absolutely loved this song and the dance was to cute and innocent! Love these ladies as well.image

Coming at you again with another haute record of course is V.I.P’s very own leader G.Dragon with “Michigo" off of the highly anticipated 2nd album "Coup D’etat”. This was also one of my favorite videos of the year, it was very crazy and weird and very much G Dragon! all the things you love about him. image

Speaking of quirky weird and cute brings me to the ever so handsome guys of Vixx with their comeback single “Voodoo Doll”. ( Has anyone seen the explicit verion of this video?) Creepy, but i love the art in it as well, so no complaints! image

Staying in a creep zone reminds me of a group i was introduced to just a few months ago called B2st/Beast! They came at me hard with “Shadow" off their "Hard to love, How to Love" and I’ve been a fan ever since. Love these guys and this record is still being highly played over here!image

Bringing us around to more common ground this next record is by non other than 2Bic with “Return".This was by far one of my favorites and will always be attached to my summer fun and freedom this year. These guys always leave me with great vibes and their vocals are laid on thick on this indie recordimage

Bringing you through this whole Amoeba Culture movement which i love comes one of the most promising artist of our time, Mr. Zion T, like B2st he was introduced to me as a solo artist this year as well, and boy am i thankful. Kicking off with “Baaby" featuring incredible rapper Gaeko from the hip hop veteran group Dynamic Duo. This song rides right?image

Speaking of Amoeba Culture did someone say “Baaam”? Lol this track is beyond amazing and a delightful comeback from the hip hop greats Dynamic Duo! So smooth and playful, one of my favs obviously. image

Now this next hit came as a surprise from bad boy rapper of BigBang Mr. T.O.P himself! With what other than “Doom Dada”. A record i fully enjoyed and i loved the reference to the original. Not to mention my dude looked super duper sexy in the video. ( I’ve always loved T.o.p, but the rugged cute look he went with took me over the edge guys) And come on who can look that hot and unfazed on a Zebra no where near a jungle?image

One thing thats for sure is that YG had an dominating year with hits from spiraling from Bigbangs G.Dragon Seungri, Daesung and T.o.p but what about this “Ringa Linga record from none other than the V.I.P’s very own dancing machine T to the A to the EEEEE!! Taeyang of course. ( I know you didn’t think i was gonna surpass this one!) What is there to say? this track was amazing, and though some others may not have been digging Taeyang’s new sound i enjoyed it to the maxx!! Choreography is bomb as well as the new blonde look.image

While were on YG we mine as well talk about “The Baddest Female" CL, the one and only leader of 2ne1 as she debuted as a solo artist this year! She rocked and even though it reminded me alot of G dragons one of a kind both in look and sound i enjoyed this record. It gets me hype and feeling my baddest whenever i turn it on! G.I.Z to tha I.B.E!! Go on girlimage

Speaking of another hot female leader from an unstoppable group is Sistar’s own Hyolyn with “One Way Love”. I mean i could go on and on about this record and this woman but i will just say say this “her legs in this video are  (To die for) Her voice is amazing, she looks amazing and thats that!image

This has been a year of powerhouse vocals and when speaking of vocals young newcomer Ailee is no exception. She came in swinging with “U&I”, a song equipped with live instruments and big hits that carried her even bigger voice over this pop heaven record! She amazed my world this year scandal and all! #TeamAileeimage

Taking a minor break from this unstoppable women lets scoot on over to one of my favorite mid-tempo records by non other than MyName with “Day by Day" ft D.O. It seemed to slip under the radar but i love this song. I dont know much about the group but this record is everything! 


Another group who debuted this year was hip hop rapper group Bangtan Boys or known as BTS with “No More Dream”. This song went in with Suga’s well written lyrics, Rap Monsters rugged voice, and Jimin’s shirt lifting and the guys handsome’s faces, i enjoyed it all! It was followed by “We are bulletproof" and a mini album with the title track "N.O" which i dug as well.


An artist who was most appealing overall this year for me was Super Junior M’s Henry! I enjoyed him this year and feel extreme joy when i see his little face. He debuted with hit song “Trap" featuring labelmates, Taemin and Kyuhyun. How can you go wrong with that kind of callabo? And then there was this piano, and high socks! I love it. Henry also released “1,4,3 i love you" featuring F(x)’s Amber!!!! 


I mean who’s left? We have Bad boy rock star singer Jaejoong from Japanese/Korean band JyJ, and from former group TVXQ ( Ohh how i miss the old lineup) But he had his solo debut with “Just another Girl" which was infused heavily with rock and a dash pop of course. I loved it blonde look was everything for me to get my life this year! And as always he sounded amazing!


Now going through this year of k-pop hits does it make you feel nogalistic as well as excitement just thinking about how 2014 will be topped? I am! Ill end this list with Of course non other than

G. Dragon with Crooked and my favorite “Who You”image

Rock group Jaurim with their single ”Icarus”


Kim Hyun Joong leader of Ss501 with “Unbreakable” feat Jay Park ( With his fine self) image

Mblaq with “Smoky Girl” ( Shout out to my rugged Mir)


The Sexy Duo Troublemaker definitely made some trouble this comeback with their sizzling single “Now


The energetic forever color changing Teen Top with “Mrs.Right


And pretty much everything released by Shinee was a hit this year! #OnewBiasedWhy So Serious" Everybody" Symptoms" etc


Hope all you K-pop fans enjoyed these tunes as much as i did this year! And for the new K-poppers here are some great artist to bring you on over to our side! ENjoy your holidays wherever in the world you are!! Dont forget to tag me in your k-pop, k-drama post as well using the #Railoveskpop tag lol. Happy holidays guys !!

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